A Letter From The Founder of Toyan Engine

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My name is Ricky, the founder of Toyan Engine. A bone fans with a passion for model engines. Since brushless power swept RC products, The internal-combustion model engines have become ever more nostalgic. In 2013, I started to study the model engine. After summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional model engine, I finally decided to design a new engine based on simulation and using the four-stroke working mode. After many trials and tribulations, finally completed the prototype of  crankshaft, cylinder liner, piston, piston ring shaping. Until February 2015 , Toyan Precision was formally established, taking the first step of a long march. After a long period of verification, Toyan launched its first mass-produced FS-V400 V four-cylinder engine in 2017, FS-S100 single-cylinder engine in 2018, and FS-S100W single-cylinder water-cooled engine in 2019. In the course of development, Toyan also made several upgrades on these engines, FS-S100A, FS-S100WA, FS-S100WA1, FS-S100G, FS-S100GA, FS-V400A, FS-V400A1... With the support and help of numerous fans at home and abroad, Toyan's team has expanded from a few to dozens of people. With the gradual deepening of our research on model engine, the launch speed of new products of Toyan will be further improved, such as FS-S100AT, FS-S100AC, FS-S100Mini, FS-L200, FS-L400 and FS-V800 will be released in 2020, and the product performance will also have a new leap

In the past five years, I have never given up and overcome all difficulties, try my best to stick to this feeling. Although the brands value and products category of Toyan can not be compared with the first-class European and Japanese manufacturers, but we have walked out of our own unique product route. Toyan has been adhering to the standrad  of product level to launch different type of engine. Whether its packaging, accessories, instructions, or performance and appearance of engine body, we develop and produce with a responsible attitude. In the next five years, we will live up to everyone's expectations, continue to insist on independent research and development manufacturing, and constantly improve product performance, to provide lovers with their favorite products. On the way forward, I also received some questions and some unfriendly denigrations from domestic players. Here I would like to share the following, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in the future.

No Cylinder pressure
All the products of Toyan at this stage are designed and applied based on 3.5cc displacement. The achievement of this set of core machine parts is also the biggest fortune of Toyan in the past five years. Due to the small volume of the cylinder, the piston ring is elastically sealed, and the piston ring has an opening, so after the new machine is purchased, it needs to be effectively run-in to reflect the normal cylinder pressure. Please do not to compare engines of different levels with four-stroke model engines, because the comparison conditions cannot be equivalent. For example, if you take a 3ml  10ml syringe, both of which block the needle, When compressing the piston, it is obvious that air compression of the large volume requires multiple thrust forces to be compressed .Therefore, only after the piston ring, valve and other sealing components are properly run-in, the Toyan engine based on the 3.5cc design can achieve effective cylinder pressure. The model engine is a sophisticated device that requires correct operation to achieve performance. It's not that Toyan engine without cylinder pressure

Oil leakage
From the beginning of the product design of Toyan, it decided to take the road of independent innovation. It did not follow the design framework of OS, Saito, Enya, YS and other tappet Engine, but adopted the design of synchronous belt + overhead camshaft to achieve the simulation of appearance and structure, and sacrifice the tightness of the camshaft bearing sealing, Although extremely high processing requirements are made on the accuracy of the bearing hole,However, the temperature of the cylinder head rises, the expansion coefficient of aluminum is higher than steel, resulting in a thermal expansion gap at the assembly position, causing the grease of camshaft splashed out. It's not that our engineers and technicians can't see it, but this is a comprehensive problem. Solving an oil leakage problem will cause other derivative problems to appear. We are still searching for the best solution. It is not simply adding oil to plug it. Here is a way to reduce oil leakage. Please control the amount of camshaft grease during use, which can greatly reduce the risk of oil leakage at the bearing position. For the crankcase part, we originally made the bottom cover into an integrated closed design, but later found that it was not easy to maintain and replace parts, so we changed it to a detachable bottom shell. Therefore, the expansion gap between the bearing position and the assembly position also occurred, which caused oil leakage, in the later modified products, we added O-rings in the bearing assembly position to reduce the risk of oil leakage. Therefore, the oil leakage problem is not caused by insufficient machining accuracy and poor quality control as some people describe.

Electric starting brushless
electric starting can greatly improve the user experience. We are also very conscious of this point. In the choice of low-priced DC motors and brushless motors, we finally chose the high cost brushless motors.the reason is very simple, it is coordinated to beautiful, the brush requires a larger motor to start, and the life of brush is short. The existing 2030 brushless motor is also adjusted to its existing performance after repeated experiments with the manufacturer. In the new state of the machine, it can be started without pressure with a 30A-40A brushless ESC and a 7.4V 25C lithium battery. After the running-in is completed, as the cylinder pressure increases, the startup will be a little laborious, but it will not seriously affect the use, only a slight delay. If the startup delay is really unacceptable, you can increase the voltage of startup a little to normal use.

The gap of valve is not adjustable
Not all users of Toyan are same as RC , but more are micro-engine enthusiasts. Not everyone has the ability and knowledge to start a model engine, so we put simple operation and easy maintenance in the first place. For users, whether they can be activated or not is a barrier. Too many settings will inevitably lead to parameter adjustment and cause various inconveniences. Therefore, in the design of the camshaft angle, we adopted a shorter intake and longer exhaust time scheme, with the piston stroke and compression ratio we set, so that the valve clearance has a wider range of use. If you are an RC fan, you can remove the screw of the inlet and exhaust clearance of the four-stroke model engine or adjust it to see if it can start normally. The answer is very positive. when the valve clearance is abnormal, it will fail to start or work normally. I remember the first time I came across a model internal combustion engine, using countless methods, but showing no sign of starting it until I wrecked it and bought a second engine. In that era, two model engines were expensive. Not all fans are willing to toss. It's not that we can't increase the valve clearance adjusting screw in design, but we have our own design ideas, and Toyan has its own products and user positioning.
In the past five years, we have adhered to using of CNC machining to produce engines. Regardless of the precision or oxidation treatment, they are several steps higher than the traditional model engine technology. I have also purchased the CNC version of the two-stroke aircraft model engine from Ogawa, Not everyone can afford the prices above US$700. In the face of high costs, Toyan has never put profit in the first place, only hoping that fans like me can buy their favorite products. Therefore, Hope you can truely understand our pricing, Toyan is a very pragmatic team

Comprehensive performance
Different types of model engines have different design elements and characteristics. For high speed, the model engine is not suitable for long time high speed without load or without good heat dissipation. However, the products of various manufacturers are not so fragile as the players image. I also have a lot of engines on hand,each length more or less also have their own experience. For high-speed operation for 20-30 seconds, the TOYAN engine has no pressure. In view of the heavy weight, which is a physical phenomenon, the original design concept was not to develop according to the competition route, but the simulation, supporting complete, giving fans a good sense of experience. The starting system, flywheel, and exhaust are all standard equipment , Which naturally leads to a substantial increase in the overall weight, and what extra parts other manufacturers deliver, I think it is very clear for everyone . Regarding the words of overseas in high quality, TOYAN are produced on the same production line as overseas with the same craftsmanship. The only difference is the higher price of foreign then China. Please do not be misled by individuals. Charing black Toyan and treat domestic and foreign enthusiasts differently.

Communication between Fans
I am not a person with a strong personality. Due to the sudden increase of the workload of Toyan at a certain stage of operation, I gradually faded out of the circle of fans and had little contact with the outside. Therefore, in the past two years, I only watched peoples communication on various platforms and hardly spoke. With the increase of toyan's product categories, I also hope that players can bring us more Suggestions and ideas to make Toyan's products more and more maturity

Toyan is an immature team, and has no emergency public relations ability. In front of those century-old brands, it is still vulnerale. But in the cruel market competition and test, we are lucky to go so far today. This is not only my insistence, but also the efforts of the whole team. On the product side, we recognize our shortcomings and continue to improve through unremitting efforts. In order to promote communication with fans and provide better interaction, Toyans membership system will be launched soon. Thanks to have you. I hope you can witness and accompany us to grow up.

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