Toyan Twin Cylinder Engine,FS-L200

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Update time : 2020-06-05 16:24:00
After five years of development, TOYAN has gained its own experience in the development of the micro-internal combustion engine with 3.5CC displacement. In 2020, we will launch the new FS-LXXX series, among which THE FS-L200 is now officially released. The FS-L200 is a brand new platform specially developed for RC models, with red as the motion element added to the engine design. The whole machine is CNC made of 2 series aluminum material with more stable temperature coefficient. The compact and lightweight structure and multi-modular design provide better guarantee for the follow-up upgrade and expansion.
1. High imitation appearance, more close to the real engine

2. Take long stroke as the blueprint of engine design to effectively provide higher torque

3. Asynchronous crankshaft structure, more smooth operation, acceleration response sensitive, the highest speed of 16,000 RPM

4. Short rocker arm design makes the valve switch more accurate

5. New carburetor design, with dual carburetors, allows professional RC players to have more diversified engine tuning, making the engine work more stable and the throttle response more sensitive

6. Adopt customized flexible oil seal, comprehensively solve bearing oil seepage, and has higher bearing speed

7. Larger teeth the start pulley with high torque brushless motor, making the start more leisurely

8. Dual synchronous belt pulley timing structure, greatly reducing the risk of gear jumping in high-speed operation

9. Lightweight structural design, which is more compatible with RC model and greatly improves the unit power output

10. Extended crankshaft design, suitable for front/back gearbox, suitable for RC model loading
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