X POWER launches The Two-Cylinder Engine Power Module

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Update time : 2020-11-11 17:00:17
1:14 remote control tractor with Toyan Twin Cylinder Engine,FS-L200.
In order to achieve the linear matching output of internal combustion engine and gearbox, according to the FS-L200 four-stroke output characteristics, the large diameter compound four-friction swing block clutch was developed and adjusted to reach a large area of contact with the clutch cover under low speed operation to avoid overheating damage of clutch. With all-metal CNC copper-tooth transmission, the FS-L200 power can be smoothly output, and improve the performance of the internal combustion engine in the low speed range.
1. The simulation structure design and keep the original car shape

2. It can be adapted to Tamiya 1:14 towing, do not need to make changes to the structure.

3. Simple installation, and easy adaption, as much as possible to restore the real structure of the tow head

4. Four swing block high friction composite material clutch + all-metal CNC copper gear box,more quiet and stable operation

5. By changing the shell of different tractors, this power suit can have a richer appearance
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