Toyan engine

Accessories For Toyan Engine Start
Accessories For Toyan Engine Start
What accessories are necessary before starting TOYAN engine:

Starting Base for Toyan Engine
The three-in-one ESC, external 7.4v power supply

The gasoline version uses CDI to connect to an external 7.4V power supply and to start a three-in-one starter ESC to connect to an external 7.4V power supply

The methanol version requires a glow plug & the gasoline version requires a spark plug

Prepare the fuel tank & fuel pipe: the gap between the fuel tank and the fuel inlet of the engine is 1cm, and the fuel pipe should not be too long about 5cm

Methanol version fuel methanol oil (20%-25% nitromethane product fuel) gasoline version fuel conversion ratio (gasoline and two-stroke 2T engine oil ratio is 25:1 self-contained fuel) Prepare a flat-blade screwdriver: adjust the main and auxiliary oil needles

Hexagonal T-wrench

Other: 1.5/3.0mm hexagon socket screwdriver

        Check before engine start:
1. No engine parts are missing
2. There is oil in the cylinder head
3. The belt timing is adjusted correctly
4. Manually rotating the flywheel for a few laps is very smooth
5. Check whether the power supply voltage is saturated!
6. Stabilize the engine (be careful to fix the engine and not shake before starting the engine), connect the starter motor wire, oil pipe, glow plug/or spark plug, /CDI ready to start. More exciting videos