Toyan engine

How to Maintain TOYAN engine
How to Maintain TOYAN engine
The engine needs some minor maintenance after use, which will make the engine have a longer service life. The main thing is not to make the engine overheated, use proper high-quality fuel, and replace high-quality air filters.
Take the TOYAN four-stroke methanol engine as an example. In order to reduce the internal corrosion of the engine, if the engine is not running for a period of time after the engine is run, just add a little about 6, 7 drops of "after-the-fact oil" from the carburetor. after run oil), but never use WD-40! Without the flame head power supply, rotate the engine for about 2 or 3 seconds to make the "after-effect oil" fully cover the inside of the engine, but don't add the "after-effect oil" from the exhaust port and the flame hole indiscriminately!
"After the event oil" is not an expensive product (about 3, 40 yuan per bottle of 50ml), just add a little bit of about 6, 7 drops, you can protect your engine that is many times more expensive than "after the event oil", everyone Do not buy some unbranded products, and use other oils (such as WD40, gasoline car oil) to maintain the engine, because the formula of "after-the-fact oil" is to dissolve the nitro component in the fuel. For the corrosion of parts, if you use "plain oil", you can avoid adding "after-the-fact oil".

After the engine is used for 10-15 hours (about 5 liters of fuel), it should be noted that the rocker arm camshaft on the top of the engine is filled with an appropriate amount of grease, because the Tuoyang engine is a four-stroke engine with an independent valve train and the engine itself There is no independent lubrication system. The internal piston connecting rod of the engine is naturally lubricated after the lubricating oil in the fuel is burned. Therefore, the lubricating components in the fuel cannot reach the rocker camshaft on the top of the engine, so it is necessary to regularly check and add an appropriate amount of grease.

If the engine has been used for a total of 60-80 hours, you should consider asking the merchant or an experienced veteran to check whether your engine is running normally, check the engine connecting rods, and whether the front and rear bearings are worn. In order to avoid serious engine failures and irreparable damage. This work is best done by experienced veterans, you can also find a professional model shop, use special tools for bearing removal, or be guided by an expert!
Especially for the replacement of the air filter (depending on the condition of the air filter). Keeping the engine in a dry place, good maintenance, cleaning and adding post oil will give your engine good performance.

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