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Start-up and Running-in problem of Toyan gasoline Engine
Start-up and Running-in problem of Toyan gasoline Engine
Recently, many new friends have encountered problems with poor starting and unstable engines. Here is some experience to talk to you about the main problems. It is normal for the new engine to be unstable during start-up and operation. This is mainly caused by the engine not running in well and not entering the state, so the running-in of the new engine is very critical. This relationship When it comes to the state and life of the engine, the four-stroke gasoline engine of Toyan is first listed.

 You must be patient when running in the engine, and you must run in enough. Engine oil is divided into 2t two-stroke FB, FC, FD according to the grade. These three kinds of engine oil can be used for running-in, 1:25 for FB and FC, and 1:28 for FD. Run-in the first tank of oil. If the engine is installed on the car and do not move the car at this time, let the engine run-in at an idle speed in situ. This idling engine-in process should pay attention to the engine cooling problem. Left and right), let the engine cool down naturally, and so on. After grinding this tank of oil, remove the spark plug and clean it with gasoline, because the spark plug may have some carbon deposits if the oil ratio is large. Then, the car is jogging to run in 2~3 tanks of fuel. At this time, pay attention: Be sure not to pull the high speed, at most half the throttle, this process is very annoying, be patient! When everything is running in, check again to see if the spark plug is bright, and the normal spark is blue. When you start running normally, adjust the oil ratio to 1:30 (FB oil), then you can start the engine. If the engine has been running for more than ten seconds and the sound is a little heavy, it may be rich in oil.

At this time, you tighten the engine main oil needle clockwise a bit. If the oil needle of the engine is messed up, you can turn the main oil needle (high-speed oil needle) and the auxiliary oil needle (low-speed oil needle) clockwise (clockwise to close the oil needle, counterclockwise to open the oil needle), and then The oil needle is opened counterclockwise for 1.8 turns, and the auxiliary oil needle is opened for 1.5 turns. After starting the engine, let the engine idle for a while for about ten seconds, and then turn the main oil needle clockwise. At this time, you will hear the sound of the engine become gradually high-pitched. After you find the highest point, turn it counterclockwise by 2 mm About the amplitude, this position is the best position of the main oil needle. The adjustment of the high-speed oil needle is usually in the sports car, the purpose is to allow the engine to reach the maximum speed. Raise the rear wheel of the car, pull the throttle to turn the high-speed oil needle, you will obviously feel the change of the engine speed, adjust to the position of the highest engine speed (when the engine sound is loudest), and then run the car around to see the engine performance.if you feel that the engine is weak (feeling), open the main oil needle a little (with an amplitude of about 2 mm); if the engine is stuffy, take a little main oil needle. Don't be impatient here, adjust slowly, you can't adjust it all at once, you need to adjust repeatedly to achieve satisfactory results. In the process of adjusting the oil needle, the engine may stall due to the stuffy oil, which is a normal phenomenon in the running-in phase. Sometimes, it will be more difficult to start after the engine is turned off. Tighten the idle speed screw clockwise a little bit, and flash the throttle slightly while starting for two or three seconds. This will make it easier to start. Once the engine is started, let the engine run at a small throttle. After a period of time, let the engine return to idle after the engine stabilizes. Slowly you will feel the temperament of the engine oil needle, and you will be handy!
In short, the engine running-in is very important, we must be patient and sharpen it well. The adjustment of the oil needle must also be patient.

In addition, the blending of oil. 1:25 is to use 1 part of engine oil for 25 parts of gasoline. Taking 500 ml of gasoline as an example, it is necessary to exchange 20 ml of oil, that is, the amount of gasoline divided by the ratio is equal to the amount of oil. The choice of gasoline label is related to the compression ratio of the engine. The gasoline available now is only 90#93#97#. Our general 23~26CC engine uses 90#, but in view of the quality problem of domestic 90#, 93# is recommended. Engine oil grades are divided into FB, FC, FD, and the standard for this grade can be found on the oil bottle. The ratio of the ratio can be blended according to the recommendations on the oil manual. Generally, a normal sports car FB is 1:30, FC uses 1:40, and FD uses 1:50.
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