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New Engine Unpacking Parts Installation Steps
New Engine Unpacking Parts Installation Steps
The FS-S100x series engine, which is a natural air-cooled and water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke methanol electric heating engine and a gasoline spark plug ignition engine. The so-called four-stroke engine-to complete a working cycle, the crankshaft needs to rotate two weeks, and complete the four actions of suction, compression, work, and exhaust. Its advantages are: low fuel consumption, stable idling, low vibration, low noise, and low emission pollution, so it is very suitable for use in simulation models.
The size of the FS-S100x series engine is relatively small, and there have been many successful cases that have been installed on climbing vehicles and military truck models. Instead of the cumbersome start-up problem of previous model engines, this engine is equipped with a micro brushless starter motor as standard. It is also very easy to use. After matching with the brushless ESC, assigning an ignition switch on the remote control can be like driving a real car. It’s a cool thing to start the engine like that, isn’t it?

The FS-S100x series engine is shipped as a finished product, and it can be put into use after a simple assembly is completed. The so-called simple assembly refers to the installation of cooling fans and starting motors. And exhaust muffler pipe. The installation steps are as follows:
Open the package, you can see the FS-S100A engine and some of its accessories.
The accessories are: manual, motor bracket gasket & screws, fan blade, grease, exhaust pipe, starting belt, starting motor. The following picture shows.
In addition to the accessories mentioned above, FS-S100GA also has Hall brackets, Hall sleeves and screws

Let's start simple assembly. First install the starter motor, take out the motor bracket gasket and screws, and pre-install them as shown in the figure below. Be careful not to tighten the screws because we need to install the starter belt
Put the starting belt on the starting pulley and the adapter on the starting motor, as shown in the figure below. Then tighten the screws to complete the installation of the starter motor and starter belt
Next, install the fan blades, remove the fan blade screws one by one as shown below, and tighten the screws to the corresponding holes of the blade to complete the installation.

The last step is to install the exhaust pipe, as shown in the figure below, align and tighten the exhaust pipe hole on the exhaust box.

If you simply like machinery and don't want to install it on any model, just to watch the engine turn, listen to the engine, and feel the sound of the engine inhalation and exhaust, then this engine is also a good collection. Its appearance has many ornamental details, and the workmanship is exquisite, with a unique mechanical beauty. I also love this engine. In addition, this engine is also quite suitable as a basic physics teaching tool.
For players who needs, the manufacturer recently launched a professional package, which only needs to install the engine on a special metal base to complete one-key start, throttle acceleration and deceleration control, and also integrate a simulated fuel tank. This professional package provides all the accessories that you need. Players don't need to buy additional accessories (except fuel), and even install it without using an electric soldering iron. This package is suitable for playing by yourself or cultivating children's hands-on ability.

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