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Common Questions about ESC and Motor
Common Questions about ESC and Motor

Recently I have compiled some information about ESC and motors for your reference only
1 .If I replace a larger capacity capacitor, will my motor become more explosive?       
Answer: The capacitor of the brushless ESC is mainly used to protect the internal circuit board, and the impact on the power output is minimal
2. The bigger the BOOST and TURBO are, the higher the motor speed will be?.
Answer: Within a reasonable range, increasing the timing can indeed increase the speed of the motor; but it will also bring additional heat and power loss. If it exceeds the reasonable range, the motor may slow down or even burn out due to overheating
3. What do the T number and KV value of the motor mean?        
Answer: The T number of the motor refers to the number of turns of the internal coil, and the KV value is a parameter that indicates the motor speed. It refers to the increase in the no-load RPM of the motor when the voltage is increased by 1V. For motors of the same specification, the lower the T number, the higher the KV value of the motor, the higher the maximum output current, but the lower the torque. The T number or KV value alone cannot judge the quality of a motor, because they have different applications at the same time.
4. How to match the gear ratio of the motor?       
Answer: The gear ratio needs to consider many factors and cannot be generalized. It is recommended that you find an experienced player to help you or check the setting reference similar to your configuration on the Internet. Generally speaking, a normal gear ratio can make your motor work under a reasonable load, so the temperature of the motor will also be within the normal range.   
5. What is the better temperature control for the motor?    
Answer: From the perspective of safety and life, the lower the working temperature of the motor, the better. But under the conditions of the competition, try to keep the motor temperature (based on the measuring case) below 80 degrees
6. The motor temperature is very low. Can we increase the motor gear to increase the speed?
Answer: If you only want a higher speed, then you can. But if it’s a racetrack, more consideration should be given to the effects of acceleration and braking. Enlarging the motor teeth can sometimes cause loss of lap speed in these two areas.
7.How can I tell if my motor is demagnetized?        
Answer: After the motor has rotated for a few minutes, the speed feels "flesh" and the temperature of the motor is significantly higher than before. It is very likely that your motor rotor magnet has demagnetized.
8.Is that Better to Mark Bigger Number A on ESC ?        

Answer: The A number of an ESC usually refers to the continuous working current it can withstand, and it reflects the output power of an electric transformer under a certain voltage. If the output power is sufficient, an ESC with a larger A number will not make your car run faster than an ESC with a smaller A number. Those ESCs with a false mark of several hundred A are meaningless.
9.Can I change the high-voltage steering gear for my remote control car??        
Answer: The high-voltage steering gear needs the support of the BEC output of the ESC. If the BEC output is only 6V or lower, then the high-voltage steering gear has no advantage and may even fail to work due to insufficient voltage.
10.Why can't I solder the wire on my ESC?        
Answer: The solders used in the factory are all solders with higher melting points. If the power of the soldering iron you use is not enough or the quality of the soldering iron is not good, it is difficult to solder. Under normal circumstances, we do not recommend that you replace the wire yourself. If you must change it, please use a suitable and good quality soldering iron or find a professional to help you.
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